PJs with purpose

Hello, thanks for checking us out.

Founded by me, Michelle Morgan with support from friends in the UK and around the globe, PJoys are PJ’s with purpose.

We’re a start-up, at the very beginning of our journey and we’re looking for cheerleaders and friends to help shape our idea and ambition. Please sign up below to follow the adventure and help us on our way with feedback, suggestions and the odd hurrah and whoop and we’ll make sure you get to hear about what we’re up to before anyone else ; )

We’re on a mission to make beautiful pyjamas, designed by a breadth of brilliant artists, produced in the most kind and sustainable way to people and planet.

For me, from personal experience, the ‘PJ Day’ represents two very different states of mind. The joyful PJ Days, when we stay in our jammies all day, resting, relaxing, eating good food, watching a film, hanging out with our families, friends or just wonderfully on our own, these days are looking after ourselves, they are happy.

But for some of us there are also the difficult PJ Days when we can’t get out of our PJ’s, get out of the front door or perhaps even get out from under our duvet, these days are unhappy, they are depression, anxiety, stress and more.

We’re creating PJoys as a way to share everyday conversations about mental health, through our product, packaging and our platform, to enable people to help both themselves and others.

Let’s make talking about mental health as easy as talking about what you had for dinner last night, what your favourite boxset is or what you love about your favourite PJ’s!

Please subscribe and help me create more happy PJ Days,

Meesh x